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Livingmaps Participatory Mapping Workshop

I will be running a workshop as a part of Livingmaps Seminar Series with Kimbal Bumstead and Nicolas Fonty.


01/07/2017 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

MayDay Rooms
88 Fleet Street
London EC4Y 1DH

Workshop Leaders:

Kimbal Bumstead, Nicolas Fonty and Jina Lee


I have been running ‘Talkingmap’ workshops to UAL students for three years, yet this will be the first time outside the university.

I am looking forward to meet people from various fields and receive feedbacks!!

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Information below is from Livigmaps website:

Today digital maps are part of everyday life, and the work of professional cartography has been supplemented by millions of do-it- yourself mappers. Yet map making, which also involves making marks and drawing lines owes as much to the arts as to the sciences .
In this workshop we are offering three distinct approaches to participatory mapping which in their different ways explore the relation between imagination and precision in exploring the map/territory relation. These approaches will be introduced by the workshop leaders in the morning session and then after lunch, you will have an opportunity to try out one of them.
You do not have to have had any previous experience of mapping, but if you are interested in how a creative use of cartographic methods may enhance your professional work, and/or your community involvements, then this is the workshop for you.
Participants are requested to bring a smart phone, tablet or laptop with them. Please contact us if this is a problem about this. We suggest you bring a picnic lunch with you as the MayDay Rooms have a roof garden. If you want follow up support, in the form of individual tuition this can be arranged through Livingmaps. Ask for details on the day.
The Workshops:
Kimbal Bumstead: Mapping Memories And Futures Through Drawing
In this workshop Kimbal will explore participants memories of ‘home’. We will create a conversation map to explore both collective and personal memory through drawing. This is an approach which can be developed and re-applied to work with a range of different groups: children and young people, senior citizens, people with special needs, members of disadvantaged communities.
Kimbal Quist Bumstead is an interdisciplinary artist based in London. His work sits between painting, drawing, video and performance installation and deals with issues of migration, nomadism, home, landscape, memory, fantasy and intimacy. He holds an MA in Performance and Theatre from Queen Mary University of London, and a BA in Fine Art from the University of Leeds and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. He is a member of the Magma Group of artists and a studio resident at Bow Arts London. Examples of mapping memory and drawing projects here…
Jina Lee: Talking Maps
Jina’s approach is designed to address the question: how can we create a ‘new map’ that deconstructs territorial borders and develops alternative ways in which drawing can function as a method of critical research. In her current work she is making an engagement with the diasporic community of the Joseonjok people living around New Malden. While conducting interviews with them, Jina chose to use drawing as a tool for recording and reflecting on the material, a process she calls ‘making the talking map’.
This workshop draws on Jina’s ethnographic research and also on her teaching at Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon Schools of Art. Her own arts practice utilises mapping as model and metaphor, and is concerned to explore and represent the collapse of fixed territorial boundaries between social, political and geographical space. Her work has been widely exhibited and is in several private collections.
Nicolas Fonty: DIY Techniques For Collecting, Analysing And Presenting Data In Collaborative Mapping.
In this workshop Nicolas draws on techniques he has developed for JustMap. The workshop will cover a variety of participatory mapping techniques including making a map board, editing a readme poster, creating flags and pictograms, mapping community data during a public workshop, classifying and analysing the data in a spreadsheet, and finally publishing on line maps.
Nicolas Fonty is a freelance architect /urban designer, independent researcher and autodidact mapper. He has run many participative workshops in the field of community-led planning including JustMap in London and in Paris and He is member of Civic Wise, an international network for civic designers and a section editor of the Livingmaps Review.

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